Our Services

We provide our clients with a unique opportunity to learn from a top practicing research mathematician who has taught thousands of NZ students. Daniel, and his associates Lyn and Tim, enjoy a combined 95+ years teaching experience in higher education and have successful academic careers. Our emphasis is heavily based on a “get your hands dirty” approach, and we believe in using tried-and-tested methods based on problem solving.

Daniel’s tutoring is specifically aimed at three different groups of people:

  1. High School Students taking either of NCEA Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3, or those sitting the International Baccalaureate (IB), or those studying for the Cambridge Assessment International Examinations (CAIE)
  2. University Students enrolled in majors such as Science, Engineering, Nursing, Computer Science, Finance, etc, who need help and focused support strengthening their background in maths
  3. Adult Learners who may need some mathematical training in their chosen profession, or are interested in improving basic numeracy skills.

The tutorial sessions we offer are typically 55 minutes in length, held once or twice weekly. For school students these weekly sessions coincide with the ten-week school terms, whilst for university students they are based around the standard trimester periods.

We offer two main types of in-person sessions:

  • groups of two students at a time, each working on a different set of maths problems, at $45 per hour
  • one-on-one sessions involving a mixture of theoretical material and problem solving, at $65 per hour.

These sessions are supplemented by well over a hundred online videos (recorded by Daniel over a number of years) which cover the fundamentals of mathematics built from the ground up, and are freely available to students who sign up for a term of tuition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I’m not enrolled at a high school, can I still be accepted for tuition?

A. Yes, home schooled students are equally welcome.

Q. I totally suck at mathematics but can you turn me into the next Sheldon Cooper?

A. Probably not, but I can assist you improve your maths skills to a good level.

Q. Why do you insist that we pay for the full term up front?

A. We encourage students to make a commitment for a full term as mastering particular skills occurs over a period of time.

Q. Do you offer online lessons to students who don’t live near Hamilton?

A. Yes, although we find in-person lessons to be far more effective, and encourage these wherever possible.

Q. Is there some easy way to learn the subject without doing too much hard work?

A. No. Learning maths is like climbing a hill – I can be there with you for each step of the climb, but it’s down to the individual to make the journey.

Q. What times of day do you offer tutorial sessions?

A. We find that 3:00pm to 6:30pm is peak time for school students, whilst the other groups can be accommodated throughout the day.