Who is Daniel?

Daniel is a proud Kiwi who is dedicated to helping all students improve their basic skills, in both mathematics and its application to the sciences.

Daniel grew up in Hobart in Tasmania, and moved to the University of Cambridge in the 1990s where he completed his PhD in pure mathematics. He worked at various universities (in Paris, Strasbourg and Nottingham) before taking up a Senior Lectureship at Monash University in Melbourne. In 2012 he moved to New Zealand with his wife, Kathrine, and started a decade long stint at the University of Waikato, where he was an Associate Professor and subsequently Head of Department for three years, until he left at the end of 2023.

Daniel began “Daniel’s Maths Tuition” as a passion project and also as a means of helping the next generation of Kiwis improve their maths skills. He firmly believes that every person is capable of achieving both competency and a level of comfort in using mathematics in their professional life. He also brings a wealth of experience to the table, has yet to meet a student that he couldn’t help in some way improve their performance, and is acutely aware of the unique difficulties that people face when learning this tricky subject.

Finally, Daniel helps convene the Calculus Scholarship Days in conjunction with the Waikato Mathematical Association, and he continues to pursue his research career in Number Theory as an Honorary Academic affiliated with the University of Auckland.

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